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Some Basic Shortcut keys when working with Ms. Excel.

Do you know that with the shortcut keys your work is easier and faster for you. Have you been baffling with mouse clicking all the time, are you tired of clicking petty, petty commands when working with Ms. Excel.......then, your story is over!! 



The table below gives you a simple basic shortcut keys you could you to during your spreadsheet management.

Press this key
To do this
Ctrl + N
New file
Ctrl + O
Open file
Ctrl + S
Save file
Ctrl + F6
Move between open workbooks
Ctrl + F4
Close file
Save as
Ctrl + P
Display the print menu
Ctrl + A
Select whole spreadsheet
Ctrl + Space
Select column
Shift + Space
Select row
Ctrl + Z
Undo last action
Ctrl + Y
Redo last action
Equals Sign (eg. SUM(A1+A2)
Start a formula
Alt + F4
Exit Excel 97

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